Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Well it is the dawning of another year... I can't believe that another year has passed.. It was a strange year full of highs and lows..

Well, let's start by saying that Christmas was great, Carolyn and I had a great time. We spent Christmas morning opening gifts, taling to family and friends.. We had a great morning.. That afternoon we went to our friends Christie house and had a great dinner. Christie is a great cook.. she went completely overboard with the most wonderful food. It was just Christie, Jerimiah, Carolyn and I.. We had a blast.

It was really nice to have a wonderful Christmas dinner together.. we were very happy and full.

Well, tonight we aren't really sure what we are going to do for New Years Eve.. We will go spend it with friends and have a great time.. Then sleep in tomorrow..
I will write tomorrow about the festivities.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful time on their New Years, and that everyone is happy and safe..